Physical Exam Form (required once per year)

Parent Volunteer Form (voluntary)

Medical Release Form (required once per year)

Sign up Form (required)

Uniform Order Form (only if ordering)

Uniform is required to participate in jamborees
Off campus practice form (required)

All forms are self explanatory. We ask that you pass along the parent volunteer form so your parents have a way to get involved in jamborees to further support students.

Uniform Change

From this year, we will use the white new PE uniforms as the athletics uniform. If you have the previous uniform, you may still use that design this year. From next year, we will expect every student to use the white PE uniform available in the Phoenix Store. If you submit the order form to Mr. Hernandez, you will be able to add your name and number to your shirt. However, if you buy directly from the Phoenix Store, you will not be able to add your name or number to your shirt.

We encourage all students to use the shorts sold in the Phoenix Store as the lower half of their uniform, but that is optional. There are two lengths to choose from for each size (photos below). However, if different shorts are worn, the color should be navy blue.