If you are interested in running cross country (3km/5km races), this is what you need to know to get started:

An email will be sent to all parents (more than once) with a registration link for after-school athletics. Only parents will receive the message including the link. However, students will receive updates on registration dates without the registration link. The deadline to register is August 23, 2017. If you miss the deadline for whatever reason, please visit Mr. Hernandez in M401 to discuss registering late. To keep you informed throughout your season and the entire school year, the MS Athletics and Activities group on Schoology will also post updates on all athletics information. If you are not a member of the group, contact Mr. Hernandez for the access code to join.

First day of practice:
August 29
Last day of practice:
Oct. 12
Sept. 16@SFS
Sept. 23@YISS
Oct. 14@KIS


Students are required to use the white PE shirt for the athletics uniform at jamborees. If you plan to play sports and plan to buy a shirt for PE, only by ordering from Mr. Hernandez can you have your name and a number added to the back of your shirt. Contact Mr. Hernandez for ordering a customized shirt.

We encourage all students to use the shorts sold in the Phoenix Store as the lower half of their uniform, but that is optional. There are two lengths to choose from for each size (photos below). However, if different shorts are worn, the color should be navy blue.

New Athletics Uniform.JPG Longer Shorts.JPG Shorter Shorts.JPGSame Size Difference.JPG

Important information - You are responsible for all information included here

  • Updates for jamborees will be posted on the home page of this wiki and on the MS Athletics and Activities Group on Schoology. Look there for meeting times, bus times, location of jamborees, and time of jamborees.

  • Activity buses leave at 5:20pm; you need to be a regular rider to use the buses after practices